Review: Hyper Apple Watch Link Band


  • 38mm & 42 mm
  • Black or Stainless Silver
  • Removable Links

Update: Four months later, it’s still the band I am using. The band is still intact, with no apparent issues.

Funded by a successful Kickstarter Campaign, Hyper’s Apple Watch Link Bands are available for 38mm & 42mm Apple Watch models.

The bands are branded under Hyper’s alias of GMobi, which was a little confusing at first for many backers, including myself. On opening, given the initial confusion with the branding, I was possibly needlessly cynical about what to expect.

The clasp was thin, and my immediate thought was that this wasn’t a product for which quality construction was a major factor – a view I have changed.

The band is made from 316L stainless steel, and also comes in  a black anodized version. I purchased both so I could enjoy whichever style might be appropriate.

It is worth noting that you should invest in a link removing tool; I did mine manually, but a tool would have been a much easier solution.

The bands don’t “feel” heavy, which could go either way. The stainless steel material means that the band lacks the satisfying weight that makes you feel like you bought something valuable, but it does mean the band is pragmatic. It is satisfactory material for every day use, and is both strong, and resilient.

Having worn it in over a few weeks, there doesn’t appear to be paint peeling from the steel – which tells me they used a reliable method to bond the black to the stainless steel.


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