Mirin Substitutes

Mirin is a handy ingredient to have in your pantry, as many Asian and fusion recipes call for it’s mild acidity. But what can you do if you run out, or forget to pick up an extra bottle? We’ve got you covered.There are three general types of mirin:

  • hon mirin (literally: true mirin),which contains approximately 14% alcohol and is produced by a forty to sixty-day process.
  • shio mirin, which contains alcohol as well as 1.5% salt to avoid alcohol tax.
  • shin mirin (literally: new mirin),or mirin-fu chomiryo (literally: mirin-like seasoning), which contains less than 1% alcohol yet retains the same flavour.

If you don’t happen to have this sweet  Japanese rice wine in your cupboard when the need arises, a few substitutes may make the cut with the help of a little sugar:

  • Dry sherry
  • Sweet marsala wine
  • Dry white wine
  • Rice vinegar

Mixing about half a teaspoon of sugar with any of the above should do the trick!


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